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About Us

Popular for their small, tear-dropped shape and ivory-color, Pine Nuts have a soft texture and buttery, sweet flavor. Owing to which, these nuts find usage as a key ingredient in many dishes like pesto. If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, then having pine nuts and pine nut oil is a must in your kitchen. And, you can easily find it at Ecosiberia LLC. We are a manufacturer and exporter of Fresh Raw Pine Nuts, Pine Nuts In Shell, Pine Nuts Oil and Peeled Pine Nuts of impeccable quality. By exporting our offerings in India and other parts of the world, our brand, Ammam C Armar is making its presence worldwide. Our company believes in the magic of progress. An entity that continuously progresses is considered doing far better than the one stuck after attaining a particular goal. And, we are counted among those companies that is seen growing and climbing ladders of success.
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Russian Federation, Altai Republic, Gorno-Altaisk, ul. Gogolya, 54, Gorno-Altajsk, Gorno-Altaj, 649007, Russia
Phone :+79095085848